The Break Away Portable Beach Chair

Portable Beach Chair: The Break Away Chair™ folding beach chair for air travel. Looking forward to that long awaited beach vacation get away? Worried about finding a beach chair for use or rent? Why not take one with you? Introducing The Break Away Chair™:

Prefer to pack your own beach chair into a suitcase for your flight to that much-needed beach get away? This bag carries..

.. all this – which assembles into..

.. this full sized beach chair.

Features include:

  • All aluminum no-rust frame.
  • Silver powder coated.
  • Super compact when folded: 27″ x 6″ diameter.
  • Lightweight at just 4.5 pounds.
  • Rugged 250 pound weight limit.
  • Flared connection points for easy snap-together assembly.
  • Dual gear pocket/drink holder.
  • Mesh gear pouch on backrest.
  • Padded foam head rest.
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  • Padded leg rest.
  • Carry Bag.
  • Seat is 20″ x 18″ Wide. Back rest is 20″ x 22″ Tall
  • Seat is apprx 11″ off the ground on hard surface.
  • Copper connector buttons will never rust.
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The Break Away Chair snaps together in 5 simple steps (you can download the instruction sheet here):

Step 1: Snap two leg cross pieces to body frame.

Step 2: Snap padded leg rest cross piece to body frame.

Step 3: Pull leg rest flap over leg rest cross piece and secure with Velcro™ closure strip.

Step 4: Snap head rest cross
piece to body frame.

Step 5: Pull head rest flap over head rest cross piece and secure with Velcro™ closure strip. Adjust canvas as needed.

We’ve added a few additional design features to this cool portable beach chair:

Dual gear pockets/drink holders

Padded foam head rest

Oversized mesh storage pouch

Flared tube ends for pinch-free connection between frame sections

Real copper button connectors will never rust or bind.

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