PortaBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella for Travel


PortaBrella Tilt
$39.95PortaBrella Pieces
Features and specifications for PortaBrella® portable beach umbrella include:

  • Full 76″ umbrella arc
  • patented wind vented canopy
  • Colorful Caribbean blue canopy
  • Powdered Coated white frame (Blue Hawaiian model comes with Brushed Silver frame)
  • Pole finishes and metal options: Powdered coated white steel frame for royal blue and nautical blue/white (5 pounds). Anodized silver aluminum for navy blue, sunburst and nautical black/white.
  • 3-way tilting canopy
  • Silver sun blocking under coat for ultra protective spf 100 rating
  • Self-anchoring lower pole section
  • Matching bag with carry strap
  • Folds to just 24″
  • Weighs just 6 pounds (Blue Hawaiian model weighs 4.5 pounds)
  • $39.95
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Available in 6 vibrant colors!

PortaBrella Sunburst
PortaBrella Royal Blue
Royal Blue
PortaBrella Nautical Blue
Nautical Blue
PortaBrella Nautical Black
Nautical Black
Navy Blue PortaBrella
Navy Blue
PortaBrella Ribs
PortaBrella Ribs


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